Friday, October 22, 2004

"Black Square" of Kazinir Malevich

The arikle tells the story of a famous artist Kazimir Malevich. There is paid attention to his creative work, description of his main canvases, especially «Black Square». The contents focuses on the personality of the author. That is why the title of the article is «The Phanton of the Black Square».

Kazimir Malevich is regarded to be one of the most enigmatic artist. His art and creativity is what has primarily posed this mystery.
The «Black Square», his main creation, which has horrified some and enraptured others, continues to stagger people’s imagination.
Partly the content of the article is suspense filled, but then it gives the answers to many questions, it describes peculiarities, mystery of his canvas «Black Square»(foe example, is it really that the painting «Black Square»has emerged through the artist’s concerned effort). There are some explanations of Malevich, the article cites his own words.
It is described the most vivid facts of his biography, the atmosphere in which he was brought up, his parents, people who played a significant role in his life and influenced his world outlook. And of course his personality, his character, because his life was often obscured by almost inexplicable circumstances .
The artikle revolves around the art concept developed by Malevich, about superatizm.
Malevich lived in the begining of the 20-th century. That is why the historical events of this epoch had a great ompact on his life (for example, suspicion of the soviet authorities, Civil war who withdraw his paintings from museums). All this facts made him put an end to his artistic career.

At the end I would like to admit, that you should definetly read it, because it will give you a chance to get acqainted not only with the personality of Malevich and secrets of his work, but to settle down into the unexplained world of art.